Reality and Emulation Correspondence Assessing Helmet

RICAH is a helmet designed by Olias, Made by Bionetix


A full helm with mirrored visor made of a lightweight metal and the visor made of bulletproof glass. Inside provides a full HUD with location markers and icons for allies and enemies. This view makes everything in the reality the adept is currently conscious in, seem more like a video game or movie that he can interact with by using his abilities, in combination with the tiny sensors located on the inside of the helm. These sensors make It possible for Olias to launch a program with mere thought.

The helmet features:

• A 500 gig SSD
• Voice Modifications: Megaphone mode, sound recorder, voice scrambler, array of different voices with different accents and the database will update to languages that the user learns.
• Psychic Pulse Receivers: Devices in the helm that make contact with the skull, able to transmit mental signals to other individuals around the adept, as well as open up links between his allies mind. This lets the party speak to one another with just mere thought.
• Helm is fully capable of broadcasting radio signals
• Cameras: Two cameras are located in the helm, on either side of the head. Smaller than a quarter, they capture video whenever commanded and it is automatically stored in the helm, then distributed among Olias’ other devices, just as most information that is collected.
• Full connection with Olias’ Bracer and mobile devices, sharing data through cloud folders, as well as the helm being able to launch command on all the lesser devices.


Reality and Emulation Correspondence Assessing Helmet

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