Reality Emulation Device{Olias X.}

A Bracer Equiped by Olias to Project his Programs into Reality


The Bracer is comprised of hard metal with an adjustable 4 arm clamp that perfectly fits any tablet or mobile smart phone device. It has USB, audio, and video ports, as well as full WIFI and Hotspot capabilities. Its main use is the very expensive projector lenses that it powers. The lenses capture Olias’ surrounding area and input it into a program ran by his tablet. The program then creates a world on the screen that mimics his surroundings. The projectors are also able to project Olias’ programs into the reality he is conscious in at the time.

This gives Olias the tools to place and move items in this world. He uses the lenses to manifest his creations, and if he wants to port someone it is as simple as moving his finger across the touch screen.

Mind Jacks: (Correspondence 4, Mind 3)—Seven micro tipped metal spikes with lengths of threads on spools inside the RPB. When launched (usually aimed at the back of the neck) the spikes begin emitting pulses and commands to confuse the brain, controlled by programs ran from Olias’ Devices. This lets Olias ‘Hack’ the brain, with use of correspondence and mind spheres, he is able to sense using his subject’s senses, as well as transmit direct commands to the subject’s mind.


Reality Emulation Device{Olias X.}

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