Pocket Watch of Metamorphose

What use to be a normal pocket watch transformed into the focus item used by Boltier


A pocket watch with a crystal-glass hunter-case. The crystal glass can be any cut style, color, or type of crystal. All that matters is for Boltier to use spells is that he have a pocket watch with a hunter-case.


A once normal pocket watch with a crystal glass hunter-case. The watch is the only item Boltier has left of his father, before his father and mother disappeared. The pocket watch is what allows Boltier to cast his spells and use his magic. By hitting the button on top of the stem-wind the hunter-case opens, allowing Boltier to view things through the crystal glass. Anything viewed through this glass can have it’s matter changed and rearranged. This artifact is not just a very important and treasured item of Boltier’s but it is also the key to his power, the controlling of matter and life. This is the first pocket watch Boltier started using for his focus item. He hopes he will never have to use a different pocket watch to cast spells.

Pocket Watch of Metamorphose

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