Olias' Smart Phone/Devices

Focus Item


Note: All of Olias’ Devices are protected by password.

Smartphone – Olias’ focus item, all of the programs he has written are bootable from this device. It contains an aftermarket camera lense that is also a projector. This enables Olias to project his creations into “reality”. Other than those two small features, it is just a normal smart phone.

Desktop- This is the computer at the desk where Olias works, it is not necessarily a “residential” computer as it is used in the lab, but it is still not what he would prefer.Its main use is to gather data from Olias’ mobile devices and distribute them to one of the seven hard drives inside. It is also capable of transmitting data to any of the computers networked to it. In the lab, or through third party programs.


Olias’ phone has been the very same that he has had throughout his entire homeless occupation(yes being homeless is a job, ever tried it? Just doesn’t pay) It was given to him by his father when he was sent off to start his life as a mage in a world full of sleepers. It was cut off after seven months, as he had lost his job and couldn’t pay the bill.

He was still, however, able to use his abilities for some of the features of the device, so it wasn’t completely useless, he also had bonded with it. It was soon the thing he used to take revenge on the bankers who spat on him in the streets. Hack their lives, Few thousand at a time and no one would notice right? Wrong. They always got it back.

Olias' Smart Phone/Devices

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