Eighth generation Gangrel vampire. Eyes capable of glowing red and seeing flawlessly amongst the darkness of night. Awakened mistakenly by the techs at Bionetix labs


His memory escapes him…


Flashback 1.0:

As Vlad’s eyes lids fall together and he enters his Dailey slumber his mind begins showing him images that have long sense been gone from his mind.. His eyes slowly adjust to the low light as he finds himself standing confused and alone, surrounded by the sound of movement but unable to focus on a single object.. Panic begins to set it but he quickly shakes it off and forces his eyes to focus on the room around him. As the light adjusts and he becomes aware he finds himself surrounded by hundreds, if not easily a thousand coiled bodies of snakes. A large statue of pyramid stands behind him and peaks at the only light source, a small door in the center of the room.. Assumingly unreachable if this statue had not been in place. In a rush Vlad runs up the statue, toward the opening in the ceiling allowing light to burst through but, with every step he takes, he can HEAR the snakes move closer and the exit he so desperately is reaching for, is closing more and more with each passing footstep. Its been years since Vlad had felt any sort of any resemblance to human emotion.. But in this moment, he could almost feel his heart racing in his chest as he lay dreaming. Just as he reaches the top of the golden pyramid and lunges out for the ever smaller opening at the very top. His hand closes around an object placed atop the tip top of the statue and the stone “trap door” snaps close and he finds himself, holding this foreign object and simply listening to the slithering grow louder.. Glad awakens face down in front of his containment pod in Bionetix… His hand still firmly gripped, he finds a key clenched in his palm!! How could a vampire dream for one!? For another, how could this key be “tangible” and plainly still on his person!!!


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