Olias K. Xerstave's Familiar


A small imp with pale white skin and a love for eating strawberries and apples. He is born of the Umbra and offers Olias his knowledge to assist in his endeavors, in exchange for a partial amount of his magical essence and the reserved right to be the one who personally escorts him to the afterlife.

He moves through the air, using the wings that sprout from his back, which look as if they shouldn’t support his weight at all, Olias has raised this question to him, one he couldn’t answer.

He is fairly obedient and would rather interact with beings who are on the same intelligence level of himself, other wise he sees no point. He is fairly cocky and sometimes taking after Olias in the fact that he often stares off into space ignoring things that are going on around him.


Born of the Umbra, when Olias sought a companion in his young mage years, Malice was the first to answer. He too was looking for someone to entertain him, and Olias, with his harsh situation and his magnificent abilities, would be the perfect match.

He observed as Olias left poverty and had been thrown into a series of extreme events, this was certainly interesting for the odd imp.


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