Harken Ebonheart

Tenth generation vampire. Can control the elements fire, water, earth, wind.


his memory escapes him…


Flashback 1.0:

Harken finds himself in a mist filled alley, cobblestone below his feet and his breathe visible on the cool night air. Tall stone building rise on either side of the alleyway as the city of London stretchs his arms to welcome the night. At his feet Harken’s focus is on the mutilated body of a young woman, her clothes are in taters and threads as her once beautiful body now lay sliced and lain open on the cold London street. A bustle of jumbled noise blocks his focus from most of the outside world as a team of police and detectives attempt to keep their meals down as they take notes and examine the scene. Harken’s thoughtless stare breaks as his attention is caught by a flash of light amongst the gore and blood. He reaches down toward the sliced uterus of the young woman, and to his surprise, upon a wipe and inspection, he held in his hand a ring.. A polished and golden ring, only stamped once with a decorative etching of the letter “M”… Perhaps it was the victims and she simply swallowed the treasure to keep it from her pursuer…

Harken Ebonheart

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