Boltier Vamir

CEO and Owner of Bionetix. Much it thought to be known of this wealthy young man, but much is a false cover.


Boltier Vamir is twenty years of age. He comes from a highly famed and wealthy family. He inherited his father’s messy snow white hair and average build. From his mother he inherited his sun golden eyes and soft heart. His traditional dress is a well tailored suit with is his father’s old pocket watch in his pocket with the chain hanging out.


Born into wealth Boltier has never really know the meaning of needing money. He lived all of his young life in the solitude of his parent Mansion outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His parents, Gaius and Abelone, were loving people. His father the CEO and founder of Bionetix was a very strong virtual adept. His mother a regular human who was a stay at home mother. Both parent loved and cared for him with the help of Russell Relham their trusted adviser/friend, and Boltier secretly appointed mentor. Russell and Gaius watched over Boltier in his magical studies while operating Bionetix. It was not until the age of sixteen that Boltier learned how cruel the real world was.

When Boltier was sixteen his father, Gaius, went away on business in Atlanta leaving his pocket watch with Boltier only telling him “I will be home in a few months.” Abelone and Russell stayed home to watch over Boltier and Bionetix. A few weeks later the air waves were flooded with news from Atlanta. A huge catastrophe had caused portions of Atlanta to vanish. Gaius was expected to be among those dead/gone. Abelone mourned her husband in secrecy, taking to drinking, keeping a smile and a soft heart appearance in front of Boltier. Abelone always encouraging him to try his hardest and to never quit being the kind of person her and Gaius had taught him to be. Russell all the while was did all he could as well to keep Boltier in his studies of school, business, and magic. Not letting him see what life without his father was doing to his mother. Boltier never realizing how bad his mother was hurting. It was two years to the date of fathers disappearance that Boltier mother took her life in the main room of the mansion. That image was one that bore a hole into Boltier memory setting who he would become.

Boltier was quickly thrown into the world of business with only Russell to advice and guide him, and in secret continued to educate him in magic. Boltier being the only heir to his family and being of legal age became the CEO and Owner of Bionetix. He took off from where his father left off in the lab working on plans and new cybernetic projection. To the point of having his new home built on top of the Bionetix Lab. His life outside the lab became one of helping other and feeling alive and as always learning magic. He followed in the foot steps of both of his parents. He did not want to become to involved in his work that all he ever did was worked like his father. He also never wanted to become depressed or hide his feeling like his mother. He learnt from them and kept going.

It only be a few years later that his life would get even more exciting when an explosion would lead him new experiences and to some unlikely allies.

Has been harboring the sought-after and hunted Mage that “botched” the Atlanta experiments causing the giant and destructive empty voids that plague all of Atlanta..

Boltier Vamir

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