White Wolf's World Of Darkness

Release The Hounds

Valcune awakes in his rustic “tent”.. The sun bursting through the thin linen shades.. The dark glow of red and pink make it apparent that sunset is upon the lush & hidden sanctuary of Pontitrane Island. The night of the great hunt is upon them. Valcune has spent months in hiding after savagely murdering MANY innocence quarry workers while enjoying a “wild night” in the city with a human mage..

His peers were less than receptive to his actions but willing to overlook his bad decisions with the promise of less “attention” drawing activities, mainly limited to the island itself.
As he exits his “tent” he stretchs and looks towards the island jungle to the west.. A piercing howl rings through alerting Valcune and all the other wolves within their more than sensitive earshot that the ritual hunt is beginning.

The thrill of the hunt sends adrenaline through Valcune’s viens as he strides out toward the island jungle and transforms into a full beastly “chronos” werewolf in mid-stride. As he enters the wooded jungle the sound of rushing trees and blurred green leaves as all that fills the famed wolfs mind.. He clears the wood to the sacred shrine of protection where his kinfolk give him less that interested glances as they remove and begin the process of migrating the sacred amethyst stone of protection.. A slight grunt is all that exchanged as he continues his stride towards the tower that holds the beginning of the ritual..

Wolf study

The cool wind rips through his thick dark fit as he jumps exposed roots and swings through the forest without effort. Another howl pierces the sounds of rushing wind, one of distress this time. Valcune’s pace increases as he races toward the tower.. To which he can best guess is the origin of the distress “signal”.

He breaks to trees to see his full pack in pursuit of 2 humans, one of which is OLIAS!! The human mage user that had enabled to break free from his island bound existence if even for a night…
The two humans run, dragging a less that uncooperative third with him. To the unsuspecting eye he would appear normal, but to the eye of a “Guru” his aura burned of evil.. HE was marked for the hunt!!

Olias and his unknown jump from the cliffs and disappear over the cliffs, leaving no trace of ever having been there!! No blood, no bodies…. No trace… Only a pack of confused and enraged beasts..

The pack of wolves turn and all face Valcune in a menacing stare.. Being the only member of the tribe not present when the ritual began, all eyes where on him..

His kinfolk close in and take Valcune hostage…

His fate is unsure..




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