White Wolf's World Of Darkness

High Tower of Atlanta

With the sun soon to rise our “kindred companions” feel more at home in the dark sub depths of the Bionetix lab, and Stephens, who is still handcuffed to the interior of the cockpit has not uttered a word since their departure from the island. Unsure of whether he was simply in shock or otherwise unwilling to converse in general the mages leave him to his silence and enjoy the lengthy and uneventful ride toward the coast..

A full day passes, as the mages alternate shifts to sleep and keep progress moving forward. As the sun sets on the warm exterior of the helicopter cab Vlad & Harken are returned to their companions and are introduced to a huge and wondrous Atlanta. The buildings and sky scrapers climb higher the clouds can reach and are so closely placed that one could only imagine loosing your way in the labyrinth of streets and obstacles. As they all gaze out over the city it becomes apparent that entire sections of the city are simply gone!

Huge cavernous depths plummet without warming dropping the crowded city streets to an assumed never ending fall.. Olias manages to find the airport and is waved into the landing zone by a strange and lanky man. Obviously an employee of the Atlanta Air Maintenance team judging by his garb, he walks to the cab, looking downward, he never raises his eyes to meet the adventurer’s, he hold out a hand and awaits his instructions. Boltier strolls from the cockpit and tosses the young man the keys, forcing him to break his thought process. The maintenance man stumbles with the keys and finally find them solidly in his palm. Boltier only smiles, and says, “Fill her up, Check her out, I will be back..”, and continues his stride towards the city’s interior.

The remaining “heroes” make their way from the cramped aircraft and begin following Boltier’s lead. As they all walk towards the exit, two hand suddenly appear to reach from nothingness and grasp Harken & Olias by the collar! Boltier and Vlad are left dumbfounded as their companions completely and immediately disappear into thin air.. This isn’t good…

A moment later, after a confused glance between the two, they both find themselves thrown from their feet and regaining focus in a place, their bodies snatched from one plane to the next.

The foursome find themselves in a ornately decorated throne-room. Two lines of formally dressed servants stand at each wall around the confused magi & kindred. A tall slender woman drapes herself over the huge throne at the center of the room and simply being to laugh and speaks.. "well, well, well.. It seems as though we’ve stumbled across a mage that has been

found more than wanted.." Her voice dances and twirls as it bounces from marble wall to its parallel and back.

“What so you want with us!”, Olias asks with an obvious irritation in his voice. Once again the woman laughs, “I am interested in one of you silly boy.” She sits upright in her gigantic throne and holds her arms towards the roof above and Vlad, Harken, and Olias find themselves incased in a transparent force field. Their arms able to break free of the bubble but their torsos inevitably stay trapped. Boltier rises above his companions in his own transparent prison and the woman locks her eyes upon him. “You!. I will have you!.. Boltier” her posture now very upright and serious, the rage is visible in her face. As she stands from the throne her thralls of followers close ranks in from of the now trapped and confused visitors creating a human barrier.

Seeing the impending danger Olias attempts to make a quick jump through reality and appear back at the copter. He concentrates and makes the leap. Instantly he feels the earth fall from beneath him and his subconscious luckily grabs for dear life. Olias now hangs on the OUTSIDE of a great tower! Not 20 feet from his original location he now hangs far above the clouds as the wind rips through his fingers barely holding the side of the great tower. The paradox of his failed spell settling in he braces for the nausea and hopes his grip will hold.

Inside the tower the other 3 of our heroes stand in confusion in their invisible prison. Boltier’s mind races as his pocket watch finds itself firmly in his grasp. The magic beginning to weave its way out of the mechanical gears as an entire section wall behind the throne gives way and falls into the open void outside. The wind rips through the now open tower drenched in moonlight as the moon shines unhindered above the clouds. Harken focuses his effort towards the wind and throws his arms from the barrier which incases him and whips the wind towards his opposing foes, each one attempting to brace themselves.. A straggled few even slide so far as to be completely thrown free of the tower to fall to their deaths. Muffled and ever lighter screams radiate as they waste their last breathes.

Just as chaos seems to break loose and Olias crosses his fingers and attempts a second teleport while still affected but all too powerful paradox magic, his feet find solid and ground his heart finds splice as he finds himself standing in the throne room once more, his companions still trapped and Boltier moving ever closer to the witch of a woman. Her laughs become louder and louder and soon is the only sound our hero’s can focus upon, just as the rest of the distractions

and noises of the outside world melt away she reaches towards them… Everything fades to black and silence continues to take over.



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