White Wolf's World Of Darkness

Escape From Pontitrane Island

With the vision of a snake-skinned Egyptian king Olias & Boltier immediately seek each other out.. Confirming their dreams and presence in them scene for scene.. The mages instantly have a flash of remembrance, as their minds caught traction on some long thought useless bit of information.. Their two “less human” companions simply watch as the two mages move towards the library and rows upon rows of florescent light flicker to life as the motion censors bring the shelves of books to life and fills the room with a settling hum.

They both settle on a single leather bound book, adorned with a branded symbol of a Egyptian eye upon the cover. The lost pharaoh Set is the entire premise of this book, when translated seems nothing more than a glorified textbook. Still it tells a tale of a tyrannical pharaoh by the name of Set. He was said to have reigned for over 200 years, although most historian insist he simply planned replacements in advance that most would never second guess. And still some rumors float that sorcery played a hand in his extraordinarily long life. None the less, the had a name and a place for the face that haunts their dreams.

As Vlad concludes his translation, he is baffled and doesn’t really even remember having done anything. He looks down, and is still holding the key firmly in the sweaty palm of his hand, even subconsciously clenching it.. Which he also strangely has no memory of.

Both mages are intent are now setting out to Cairo immediately! They leave Russell standing confused, holding all control of multimillion dollar corporation firmly in his palms. Without even a second thought Boltier & Olias make their way up the stairwell and toward the roof, their kindred companions trailing close behind. As Vlad breaks the barrier from concrete building to open earth and wind Olias is sitting driver side in a less than gigantic helicopter.. As the two walk closer Boltier packs general supplies as well as Stephens into the helicopter and they can overhear Boltier tease Olias, “You know his to drive this thing right?”, to which Olias makes a mischievous smile and replies in a much for serious tone, “We’re about to find out…” Just as the “less lively” of the five buckle in. The thrust from the spinning propellers lifts the copter from the building top and into the sky.

As true night sets over the earth our hero’s find themselves riding off into the night. Their only heading is East, toward the coast, to find a larger craft to make the final journey to Egypt. Just as they leave the land behind and pass over a huge bay Olias senses that they are coming dangerously close to the spot in which “the mysterious island” should be.. He speaks his mind and enlightens the rest of the group. Olias manages to maneuver the copter over the area his senses tell him are right. He scans the horizon and finds his instincts prove him right.. A flock of birds circles and sings over one particular area, and must land somewhere. With little more than a chuckle and a wave Olias simple jumps from the copter.. Leaving it completely driver-less as well as completely leaving his companions in shock.. Boltier grabs holt of the stick and brings the copter to a steady level in a violent and untrained manner. Olias falls 20 feet before the island comes fully into view, and in that instant he teleports to the only location on the island he could grasp, the alter..

Valcune awakes to find himself tied, bound, and gagged. Tethered firmly to a gigantic log, buried in the earth further than he could tell.. A large portion of the trees around him had been cleared, leaving this once wooded area into open space. Valcune sat facing the river, the alter on the opposite side of the running water. Two of Valcune’s “kinfolk”, tending the area watched closely by the eye of the current elder.

Valcune burns like the embers of a fire and watching his captor simply strolling about while obviously pitting his tribe against him. With his rage boiling, he rips at the restraints, and transforms from his less human form, seemingly unencumbered by the pure weight of the chains and rope, into a huge beastly werewolf, to which the chains are barely a match. With all his might he struggles with the shackles and bonds… With no avail.. With his mind racing and heart enraged, his awareness is broken….

Olias finds his feet as he falls back into reality and finds himself faced with three men, each in tribal garb, each shocked by his sudden appearance. One of the humans is holding the gaint stone which Harken had attempted to steal.. Its a tense moment for all in the immediacy of the shrine, but not lost to on looking eyes..

Boltier, Harken & Vlad sit in the copter simply awaiting a sign of any sort, and becoming quite anxious all the while. With fuel becoming more and more of an issue with each passing moment something had to happen soon. As they sit anxiously waiting the island snaps into full view below them, Olias, stand face to face surprised yet still a trespasser on the island. Seeing the immediate danger Vlad doesn’t hesitate a second and leaps from the helicopter, finding his footing on a tall tropical tree trunk and easily slides down to the ground. As he lay foot on the island the beings being to grow, distort and transform into the beastly forms they have grown to know and fear on the island!

Adrenaline flows through them all as their eads ring with the piercing howl of pure rage…
And once again, the island fades from view, leaving Harken & Boltier unaware of the events transpiring below….

Valcune’s rage boils over as he gains focus long enough to notice his former companion and only human “friend” suddenly appears.. He releases a near supersonic roar and tugs at the stake with all his strength. Even with the might of a beast all Valcune succeeds in is loosing the log from it’s hold. He only fights harder and harder to pull the gigantic hardwood beam from its socket. He continues to struggle with the bindings and howls at the cost of such energy. His body bulges and his veins rise to the surface in a simply inhuman feat as he lifts the entire log from the earth, still bound to his hands and back he races towards the river that separates him from his only trustworthy companion.

Olias simply bides his time, where Vlad takes the more direct root and simply grapples one of the transforming wolves and climbs “aboard”. Olias’ attention is only taken as the helicopter snaps back into view as the large black stone rolls from its pedestal once again and he focuses back on Valcune. Now a gigantic and horrifying beast… And the sight of these creatures before him mutating and reforming before him is too much for him to handle.

His subconscious panic kicks in as Vlad sees the rage boiling in his eyes and makes his exit, Olias’ eyes glow bright white and every fiber of his being becomes pure energy. The glow from his paradox backlash is so great that the wolves surrounding him suffer severe burns and lay charred and whimpering on the ground, if not completely burnt to death. The smell is almost to make even Vlad turn his nose, but as Olias begins to regain control of his faculties he notices that his “wyld” companion had been caught in the inadvertent blast as well. He lay face down, barely able to stand on his own, and slowly reverting back go his smaller human body.

 photo ExplodingPeterPetrellifromHeroesinNathanS1.jpg

The other wolves surely heard all the commotion and would here momentarily, they HAD to get out of here NOW! Olias teleports his wounded companion to the helicopter as he notices in the distance a figure, which strangely resembles HIMSELF. To a tee in fact, the “doppelganger” turns, and meets eyes with Olias, laughs, opens a portal, and jumps through. Where did this “copy” come from!?

Olias had heard rumors of mages inadvertently creating an alternate version of themselves in a paradox blast, but had never assumed that he would find himself faced with one of his own.

With an island of exposed and soon-to-be angered werewolves surely snapping at their heals and a “more than sizable” portion of the wood still burning Olias quickly teleports himself to the helicopter as well.

Vlad finding himself alone, and finds his bearings after the “blast”, his eyes still blurred from the bright white light…

The helicopter is moving away from the island, rope ladder down, Olias hanging from the open door of the copter screaming for Vlad to grab hold of the ladder dangling below. Vlad’s feet push his body forward and his eyes stay focused on the swinging ladder that danced just out of reach. The sound of rushing leaves, panting wolves, and ruffling fur going ever louder in his ears. Just as the trees break and the world opens before him, the earth also drops from below him! Vlad soars over the edge of the massive cliff surrounding the island, only to finally his handle on the rope ladder he has so desperately races toward..

Our “heros” ride off toward the East, toward the sea, and toward a new adventure! One ally stronger, and one step closer to answers they seek!




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