White Wolf's World Of Darkness

Bolte'rs Entrapment..


Breaking news cop sda

“Bolte’r Vemire, owner and CEO of Bionex and home-town multi-millionaire has been reported missing. Strangely enough his $80,000 dollar car found only feet from the Baton Rouge Police Impound. ANY information in the where-a-bouts of Vemire please contact the Baton Rouge Police Department.

He was last seen on the site of unknown explosion at his laboratory that is currently being investigated by the Baton Rouge Detectives and have no information at the time."

In truth Bolte’r has been found in a trap. After being lead into the Baton Rouge Police station and questioned at length. The detective asking question after question about the explosion that happened only hours before, that everything was not as it seemed. Vemire anticipated his attackers oncoming attack and was able to attack first, with little avail…

The retaliation was swifter that Bolte’r could have anticipated, without a second of hesitation, the detective slams his head into the metal interrogation table three times in quick succession with enough power backing it to make Bolte’r completely black out.. and his location and status.. are as yet unknown..

It was been 3 days.. and his disappearance has not gone unnoticed..

:::::TO BE CONTINUED:::::::



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